Trump Organization may face criminal charges in New York

The Trump Organization could face criminal charges in a New York court, according to a report Friday by The New York Times.

The development business run for five decades by former President Donald Trump has been under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office since 2018.

That inquiry has been broad in its reach, and according to the paper, lawyers in prosecutor Cy Vance’s office are weighing whether they can make a case on tax charges related to benefits given to Trump Organization executives.

Previous news reports have revealed allegations that the company provided rent-free apartments and other benefits in lieu of pay raises.

The Times reported a meeting took place between Trump’s lawyers and prosecutors on Thursday, with Trump’s lawyers trying to seeking to avoid charges in the case.

“In my more than 50 years of practice, never before have I seen a district attorney’s office target a company over employee compensation or fringe benefits,” Trump attorney Ronald P. Fischetti told The Times. “It’s ridiculous and outrageous.”

Charges, if they are filed according to the report, could be announced as soon as next week.

The revelation that the company itself may be indicted is the latest twist in the ongoing saga between the former president and prosecutors in the city where he was born and made his mark in real estate.

Earlier this year, the U.S. Supreme Court granted Vance’s request to gain access to tax returns the president refused to provide.

Last month, it was reported the investigation into the Trump Organization by the New York State Attorney General’s office turned into a criminal probe as well as a civil matter.

As a result, lawyers under Attorney General Letitia James joined a unit investigating the company.

The attorney general’s investigation has centered on properties owned by the Trump Organization and whether their values were intentionally inflated or downgraded, moves James alleged last August allowed the company to receive loans at lucrative rates as well as reducing its tax burden.

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