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PHOTOS: How New Yorkers Connect During the Pandemic

Upper Manhattan resident Carla Zanoni was trying to find a way to hug family and friends during the coronavirus outbreak when she saw a story online about a family that used a shower curtain to safely embrace.

Zanoni figured she could “create the city version of that” — and got to work fashioning a suit out of plastic recycling bags.

After testing her creation with family, Zanoni set out in late May to meet friend Lisa Gironda on Chittenden Avenue along the Hudson.

“Living alone, it was just overwhelming,” Gironda said about holding her friend in her arms. “I hadn’t been touched in 10 weeks. It was beautiful.”

Here are some photos showing moments of connection in a time of isolation:

A mother embraces her child at Brooklyn Bridge Park.

A couple finds a moment of peace on an A train in Brooklyn.

Paul Scurry and Brian Saunderson meet on Fulton Street in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

Pedestrians hold hands while navigating near-empty streets in downtown Brooklyn.

A newly wedded couple documents their love in Central Park.

Kids keep each other safe at Brooklyn’s Pebble Beach.

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