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Lansing to spend $180,000 to muzzle youth gun violence

The Lansing City Council approved Mayor Andy Schor’s proposal to spend $180,000 from Fiscal Year 2020-2021 on youth activities to suppress an uptick in gun violence.

“We are ready to distribute these carryforward dollars to our partners who have proven success in providing structured activities and mentorship programs that provide options and opportunities for our youth,” Schor said in a statement. “Providing additional dollars to further support these important programs is an immediate step that we can take to help keep our young people safe.”

Schor’s proposal redirects $100,000 from the Parks and Recreation Department and Mayor’s office to youth programs citywide. Former Police Chief Daryl Green proposed to spend $80,000 from the Lansing Police Department’s Fiscal Year 2020-2021 budget to spend on the Youth Athlete Interaction Program

The following are examples of after school, mentorship, athletic and Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics (STEAM), Science, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and Math (SEAM) programs that could be awarded funding:

  • Petals and Pinecones:
  • Building Child and Family Institute:
  • YMCA of Lansing:
  • South Side Community Coalition:
  • Mikey 23 Foundation:
  • Next Young Phenom Foundation:
  • Small Community Organizational Fund: The Department of Neighborhoods and Citizen Engagement will manage and distribute remaining funds to Lansing-based, youth-focused organizations that apply. Volunteers from the Neighborhood Advisory Board will vet and award grantees. Application details will be announced when available.
  • Youth Athlete Interaction Program: The Lansing Police Department will use additional funds to increase the number of opportunities for positive interaction between youth and officers through sports leagues and clinics. These dollars will fund programs like the Lansing Football League, Lansing Police Department’s Athletic League (P.A.L) and Gang Resistance Education and Training (GREAT), and programming with the Lansing School District.

Participating organizations must use the awarded funds within the City of Lansing to benefit its residents and provide receipts.

Lansing’s increase in youth gun violence has mirrored increases in crime nationwide in cities. The Lansing State Journal reported 22 people in Ingham, Eaton, and Clinton counties have been killed thus far this year, compared to 10 homicides in 2020.

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