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How to Make the Most of Your Family Time During Quarantine

As the global pandemic continues to persist throughout the country, a concurring issue comes to mind. For many families, keeping a balance between spending time on work and their kids has always been a struggle. Parents are forced to work remotely and students need to learn from home.

Aside from varying views on the changes in learning, families are divided on how quarantine has impacted their relationships within their homes. While some families admit that quarantine brought their family closer, others discuss the conflict that arises from “too much family time.”

The New York Times recently requested teenagers to discuss how quarantine has induced conflict in their household. There were numerous amounts of responses varying from “arguing with my parents” to struggling with finding alone time in a small apartment to encouraging positive changes such as family dinners every night.

Studies have shown the importance of quality family time. Before the pandemic, parents were worried about setting time aside for their kids or making sure they planned a date night every month. Family quality times allow kids to engage with their parents and make them feel confident to reach out to them.

Tips to Encourage Family Time

Children and parents alike can feel loved and wanted. Kids can begin to consider their parents as their friends rather than members of the household that they might see for a few hours in the day. Parents may learn things or talents about their kids that they were not aware of before.

Parents and kids alike are spending more time together and while this may be a sudden change, people can take advantage and foster growth in their household relationships. To help ease the tension of finding activities to do with your kids or ways to interact with your parents, below are some ways to foster stronger bonds. While it might be easier to spend hours on technology to distance yourself from the people in your household, it is important to use quarantine as a means of purpose and encouragement of love between families.

Tips to encourage family time and ease conflicting feelings during quarantine…

#1) Create a schedule

Even though most of the activities you do will be inside the home, it is a great idea to make a daily schedule to help you feel motivated about your day. Add some “alone time” to reflect on your own hobbies or to take a break. Add a family activity to the list. Make breakfast or dinner together. Research a moment of knowledge for the day. If you are working, schedule some time to take a break or have a family check-in.

#2) Cook together

Not only does this activity help you build patience, your children, your spouse or roommate can engage in conversation with you. If it is hard for your family to communicate with each other, this fun activity will encourage them to open up and could even turn into deep conversations about fears, worries or anything in general.

#3) Make time for yourself

While you may live in a small apartment or have a bunch of siblings around the house, making time for yourself is very important. Take a quick nap or rest on your bed. Watch your favorite youtube video. Shave and give yourself a manicure. Write in your journal. Play video games. If you prefer sitting and thinking, do just that.

#4) Have a family book club

If you have kids of various ages, it might be a good idea to have each person read their own age-level book. At the end of the day, everyone can come together to share something important or interesting from their books. If you are unable to buy paperback books, this is a great way to utilize technology in a good manner and read Ebooks.

#5) Discover new talents or join a remote internship

It is always a great idea to increase your knowledge and discover more about yourself. Many internships and job opportunities have chosen to work in remote surroundings. Wouldn’t it be awesome to learn in a non-school related subject but also stay at home and manage your own schedule? Engage in activities that you did not have time for before but enjoying doing. Paint, make a website, start a petition, read a new book or simply nap more.

This article was written by Bibi Samia of New York, NY.

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